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Security Alert - Social Media Banking Scam

Shielding a stack of money
March 02 2018 • by Deirdre Jannerelli • News, Security

Local police have made us aware of a recent scam targeting banking customers through social media.

People are being contacted through social media platforms like Snapchat, and are being offered money in exchange for opening a bank account, or letting their existing bank account be used by the scammers. The victims are then being asked to provide their ATM/Debit Card details and PIN number for their account. Once the scammers have this information, they're depositing fraudulent checks into the account, and then accessing the funds. This puts the victim's credit history, bank account, and criminal record in jeopardy.

BankFive would like to remind its customers to never provide personal banking information to unknown individuals. If you receive this type of offer, please contact us and your local police department immediately.