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The Benefits of an Energy-Efficient Home

hand holding a tiny green house with a plant growing from the roof
September 27 2019 • by Deirdre Jannerelli • Home Ownership, Home Tips, Loans, Saving

Whether it be a kitchen remodel, a fresh coat of paint, or a new roof, it seems like homeowners are always tackling a new project. And these days, one of the most important projects you can focus on is improving your home’s energy efficiency. Not only will an energy efficient home be warmer and cozier in the winter months, but it can have a positive impact on your wallet, and the environment as well.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest benefits of an energy efficient house:
  1. Lower utility bills – Heating and electricity costs can eat up a significant amount of your household budget, especially in the winter. By upgrading your heating system and appliances to more efficient models, you can save money on the energy used to power them. Replacing drafty windows and adding insulation can also help to keep your energy costs down. By preventing heat from escaping your home, you won’t have to turn the thermostat as high to keep warm, and your utility bills won’t be as high.

  2. Potential rebates – Both Massachusetts and Rhode Island have programs that offer rebates for upgrading to more efficient lighting and appliance models. A good first step is to schedule a free home energy assessment in order to determine which energy improvements will help you the most. Rhode Island homeowners can schedule a no-cost home assessment with a National Grid Energy Specialist by calling 1-888-633-7947. Massachusetts homeowners can get their free energy assessment by calling 1-866-527-7283. Based on the results of your assessment, you could be eligible for rebates on things like new appliances, heating and cooling systems, and insulation. And in addition to rebates, your home energy assessment could also qualify you for a no-interest loan to finance eligible heating or cooling upgrades.

  3. Increased property value – Energy-efficient homes often sell for a higher price than homes without energy-efficient features. Homes with upgraded appliances and efficient heating and cooling systems are typically more attractive to buyers, because they can mean lower energy and repair bills for the foreseeable future. And even if you’re not looking to sell your home any time soon, an increase in your home’s value can be beneficial if you ever need to tap into your home equity to help pay for things like vacations, home renovations, or college tuition.

  4. Environmental impact – Not only does an energy-efficient home help your wallet, but it helps the Earth as well. A home that uses less energy helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which have a detrimental impact on the environment.

  5. More comfortable home – And let’s not forget that an energy-efficient home is a more comfortable home. By replacing drafty windows, adding insulation, and swapping out energy-sucking appliances and heating systems, you can help achieve an optimal temperature in your home, without having to crank up the heat and your utility bill.
No matter which way you look at it, an energy-efficient home is a win-win. And the good news is that there are many resources available to help you achieve just that. Visit our Energy Efficiency Loans page for more information on scheduling a no-cost home energy assessment and step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a no-interest loan for home energy efficiency improvements.