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woman looking at tax refund check
Marissa Scott — 
Money Management

9 Ways to Make the Most out of Your Tax Refund

While it might seem tempting to blow your tax refund on a special item or outing, it can have a much bigger impact on helping you reach your financial goals.

woman sitting at computer with notebook and pen
Marissa Scott — 

Are You on Track for Retirement?

Some people wonder if they’re saving enough on a regular basis, and whether they’ll have enough money to last through retirement. Others aren’t sure what age they’ll actually be able to retire at. 

person signing paperwork for car
Marissa Scott — 
Money Management

Buying vs. Leasing a Car

The decision of whether to buy or lease a car will  impact your monthly costs, total costs, and your overall flexibility with the vehicle. Take a closer look at both options.