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Beware of Fraudsters Trying to Steal Your Financial Information

Hand holding a phone wth caller id showing and unknown number
October 03 2019 • by Adam DeFrias • Security

The safety and security of our customers’ financial information is of utmost importance to us. Here at BankFive, we have seen a number of customers falling victim to fraudsters. In some cases, customers have shared personal and account information with unknown individuals whereby leaving themselves vulnerable to theft.

Please keep your accounts safe by remembering these important tips:
  • BankFive will never initiate a phone call to you and ask for your account information.
  • You can’t always believe caller ID. Thieves have been known to mask their phone number to look like a legitimate company’s phone number.
  • If you are ever concerned about the identity of a caller, ask the caller’s name and organization then call them back using the public phone number listed in the phone book or on the organization's website.
  • If you receive an unexpected check from an unknown entity, it may be a scam. Bring any questionable checks to the bank and alert us to your concern so that we can notify the authorities if the checks are in fact fraudulent.

Real Customer Stories:

Check Scam
A customer received a check he wasn’t expecting. It came with instructions to deposit the check and then send money back. The check was not real and would have left the customer’s account with a negative balance.

Plea for Help Scam
A customer received information about an orphan who needed assistance. The kindhearted customer sent several rounds of funds to assist, but unfortunately, this was a scam.

Sweepstakes Scam
A customer was informed that he had won several million dollars in a sweepstakes. He was instructed to take a loan to pay the clearinghouse fees. This was a scam to take money from our customer.

Tech Support Scam
A customer received a phone call that listed Microsoft on the caller ID. The caller said that the customer’s computer was at risk and asked to access the computer via remote login. The caller claimed that he could tell the customer’s bank accounts had been compromised and then got a phony "bank representative" on the line to confirm a compromise. The fraudsters then manipulated the customer into making a large cash withdrawal and buying gift cards for the thieves.

Please beware of criminals trying to take money from you. If you receive any suspicious calls, emails or mail asking for money, be vigilant and bring anything of concern to one of our branches or to the attention of our Customer Contact Center at 774-888-6100.