Common Account Charges

Limits and fees

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account:

Debit card transactions
Dollar limits $500.00 cash and $1,000.00 POS transactions (point of sale) per day
Replace lost ATM card $10.00
ATM cash withdrawal from checking accounts or statement accounts
$1.50 per non-proprietary ATM transaction
Dollar limits $250.00 cash and $250.00 POS transactions per day

If you use an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that is not operated by BankFive, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine and/or by an automated transfer network.

Automatic transfer of funds from savings account to checking account or savings account If during the statement cycle, you exceed the Limitations on Frequency of Transfers, your savings account will be charged $10.00 for each withdrawal in excess in that statement cycle.

Other Fees
Check printing Fee depends on style of check ordered
Certified check $15.00
Cashier's check* $5.00
Money order* $3.00
Overdraft (each item) $28.00
Sustained overdraft fee $5.00 per day after 7 consecutive calendar days overdrawn
Overdraft transfer fee $5.00
Deposited checks returned unpaid $5.71
Account activity printout $5.00
Account research $20.00 per hour
Trustee Process Fee $200.00
Account balancing assistance $20.00 per hour
Balance inquiry from checking account or savings account $1.00 per inquiry
Copy of statement $5.00
Stop payments (all items) $25.00
Incoming wire transfer $15.00
Domestic outgoing wire transfer $20.00
Foreign outgoing wire transfer $35.00
Garnishments $25.00
Levies $25.00
Lost passbook $10.00
Photocopy $1.00
Copy of check $5.00
Coin counting/processing fee 1% of total processed at Main Office and County Street Office; 3% of total processed at all other BankFive branches (business only)
Non-customers only 5% of total dollar amount counted/processed
Medallion Signature Guarantee fee $15.00 per document
Savings accounts will incur a monthly fee of $1.00 if the balance drops below the required minimum of $10.00 during the month.
Collection item (outgoing) $20.00
Collection items will be charged according to cost incurred in the collection process, if the cost exceeds the standard collection fee established by the bank.
Coupon envelopes $10.00 per envelope
IRA termination/transfer fee $30.00 per transaction
CD close out fee  $30.00 (if closed before maturity date)
Uncollected funds (each item) $28.00
Signature Guarantee $5.00
Night Depository Bag $25.00 each
Night depository bag key replacement $5.00 per key
Dormant account fee $5.00
New account closeout up to 30 Days $15.00
Escheatment Fee $50.00
Foreign check and currency conversion fee $5.00 (excluding corresponding bank fees, if any)
VISA's International Service Assessment Fee up to 1%