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Remote Deposit Capture - Remote5

Streamline Your Deposit Processing with Remote5 

Processing checks no longer has to be routine. BankFive offers a remote deposit capture, an online banking solution designed to help you make deposits and receive funds faster and more conveniently.

With remote deposit, you can trade in conventional, manual check deposit processes for an automated deposit solution created to suit your specific needs. Regardless of your business’ size or location, remote deposit allows you to scan any type of check at your office and electronically deposit it into any one of your BankFive business banking service accounts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

  • Do you have large dollar check deposits?
  • Could you benefit from later deposit deadlines?
  • Do you have multiple locations across a large geographic area?

Using a small desktop scanner, you can capture front and back images of your checks. Next, balances and check deposit information is verified to ensure that the scanned amount matches the expected deposit amount. Then, the deposit and check images are transmitted electronically to BankFive online business banking for clearing. Sounds easy? That's because it is.

What can Remote5 do for you?

  • Enable your corporate office to see deposits being submitted from your multiple store locations.
  • Provide your business with faster funds availability via more processing time combined with extended deposit cutoff times.
  • Help your business realize additional working capital.
  • Consolidate banking relationships and reduce associated reconciliation work and costs. With remote deposit, no geographic "footprints" exist for banking with us.
  • Assist you in identifying return items faster, reducing fraud risk.
  • Reduce transportation expenses since most deposits can be made without ever leaving the office.
  • Allow you to see deposits online using our electronic image archive.

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 Testimonials For Remote5 Remote Deposit Capture

Below are a few testimonials of BankFive customers who use our Remote Deposit Capture system, Remote5. 


Carl Garcia
Carl's Collision Center, Inc.

"We use Remote5 multiple times daily. I believe it has helped us become more efficient. We no longer have employees taking up valuable time to go to the bank, deal with the paperwork, road conditions, etc. They now simply focus on doing their primary jobs. The fact that we gain 2 to 3 hours per week of productivity is reason enough for us to use Remote5!"


Charles Ashworth
Billing Manager
Alert Ambulance Service, Inc.

"We use Remote5 nearly every workday. It saves us time and money because we no longer need to pay a staff member to drive to the bank to make deposits. Their time is better allocated to performing other tasks. We like using Remote5 because it's fast, user-friendly, the staff at BankFive gives us great support and we're instantly notified of our EFT deposit amount."


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